BRAVEN 805 Bluetooth Speaker

The BRAVEN 805, LUX & more reviewed by the top publications in this weeks press recap. 





BRAVEN 805 featured in, “Brilliant Bluetooth Speakers” in MEN’S JOURNAL

 “Along with being a solid-performing compact speaker, the Braven 805 is an impressive power bank for your mobile devices. Its battery can recharge two iPhones and still hold enough juice to play hours of music. The speaker can also pair up with another Braven 805 to provide true stereo sound with separation. Plus, it’s available in nine colors.”



Braven LUX featured in  BRIDES “45 Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List”

 ”For the Bridesmaids: Get your bridesmaids pumped! A Bluetooth-compatible speaker will allow them to blast some getting-ready tunes and get the party started.”




You can take them almost anywhere in the outdoors without worry, which is definitely my favorite thing about them as a whole.”

“Plain and simple, the BRV-X is a top-notch indoor/outdoor speaker. Whether you’re hiking trails or hitting homemade jumps in the woods, this is the one”



BRV-PRO/BRV-1 in, “28 of the best portable Bluetooth speakers you can buy today” Business Insider

“All things considered, your smartphone’s speakers are probably pretty bad. Your laptop’s might even be worse. If you want to get some more life out of your music, the simple and obvious solution is to pick up a portable Bluetooth speaker.”




BRV-Bank in “28 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas” Scientific Computing

“When their smart devices go anemic, there is the BRV-BANK Ultra-Rugged Portable Backup Battery from BRAVEN. At 5” x 1” x 3” and weighing in at 9.8 ounces, the BRV-BANK is larger and heavier than other back-up batteries of similar capacity. On the other hand, it is clearly designed to stand up to more wear and tear than most other back-up batteries. Its rubberized body makes it impact resistant, and it has an IPX5 rating. This means that it can handle rain, sleet, snow, or even getting splashed on, though it is not designed to actually be immersed in water. Effectively, it is designed to survive where most backup batteries would die.”




BRAVEN Balance in, “Top 3 Bluetooth Audio Speakers under $200” PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE

“Many of the smaller speakers I have been testing are rugged designs perfect for an active lifestyle. The two other recommendations fit into this category, starting with the Braven Balance at $129. This mid-sized speaker is IPX7 rated for outdoor use and has a soft rubber material covering most of its surfaces. Six bright, attractive colors are available, and the sound is excellent.




Braven 850 and BRV-HD in, Holiday Gift Guide 2015-2015 - Android Headlines 

“BRAVEN is a name which has been long associated with delivering good quality audio products and the BRAVEN 850 is no exception.”

“This is the second BRAVEN speaker to make the list and it really is a good one. The BRAVEN BRV-HD is designed to be both powerful and durable.”