BRV-X, BRV-PRO, and more speakers reviewed from top audiophiles and technology critics in this week’s press recap.


BRAVEN 805 Featured as: “Editor’s Choice

4/5 Editor Rating: Excellent

“The $199.99 Braven 805 is sonically and feature-wise nearly identical to the BRV-HD, but its colorful outer shell is made for indoor use. The difference in price is pretty dramatic, and enough for us to favor this version over the other with our Editors’ Choice award.”


BRAVEN BRV-Pro Reviewed on PC MAG Asia 

“Impressive audio output for its size. Waterproof, rugged design. Works with a wide array of outdoor-focused accessories.”



BRAVEN BRV-HD Featured in, “Sweet Sounds of the Night

“Have an all day party to attend? This is one of the few Bluetooth speakers on the market that can outlast your playlist with a 28-hour playtime. The functionality of these speakers is great because you are able to daisy chain them with a second BRV-HD or Braven 8-series speaker for an immersive music experience.”



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BRAVEN BRV-X featured in “Featured Accessory: Braven BRV-X Bluetooth Speaker 

“There are a number of great durable and water-resistant Bluetooth speakers out there, however, the Braven BRV-X might just be the best. Why? The biggest reason being the sound that comes out of this speaker, as well as the volume that comes out. Not to mention you can basically run the thing over and it’ll still work. Toss the Braven BRV-X Bluetooth speaker into the pool with you and listen to your favorite jam.”


Twenty8Two Logo Braven Press

BRAVEN BALANCE Reviewed on Twenty 8 Two

“The Balance’s signature is like its name: balanced. If you’re looking for a heavy duty speaker setup that can handle a few drinks splashing on it during a party, then the Braven Balance is for you.”



BRAVEN BRV-X Featured in, “The Braven BRV-X Serves Up Music Outside and In

 “Perhaps most importantly, the Braven BRV-X sounds great. This isn’t some indoor/outdoor speaker that compromises on sound in order to offer rugged good looks and durability. No, this is a speaker you will be just as happy using in your bedroom or dorm-room as you will at your next picnic. I’m a fan of Braven speakers and this is no exception.”



Liliputing Logo Braven Press

BRAVEN Fuse Featured in, “BRAVEN Fuse Bluetooth portable audio mixer coming soon for $100




BRAVEN BRV-PRO Reviewed on GearMoose

“Braven’s new BRV-PRO ($150) is the company’s most rugged, versatile Bluetooth speaker to date. It’s IPX7 rated design renders it completely waterproof, while a solid metal housing provides considerable impact protection during use.” 


Windows Central Logo

BRAVEN BALANCE Reviewed on Windows Central

 “In a nutshell, the Braven Balance is a beast for bringing your beats to life inside and out. The sound quality is excellent from our experience, even at higher volumes and in Boost Mode.”




BRAVEN BRV-X Featured in, “Top 10 Best Outdoor & Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

“This speaker is capable of getting deep low end, which is a nice change of pace when it comes to small speakers. Its mids are clear and rounded, though the high end of the speaker can be a little harsh. The coolest aspect of this speaker’s sound is that it has an indoor/outdoor switch that optimizes the speaker output for different listening environments. Its indoor mode naturally delivers a rich, warm bass sound, while the outdoor mode reduces the low frequency slightly to enable higher decibel levels and better clarity in an open space.”