BRAVEN BRV-X Battery Bank

The BRAVEN Press Recap covers the latest reviews of BRAVEN Bluetooth Speakers from the industry’s top tech critics. This week’s roundup includes the glamorous BRAVEN Lux Bluetooth Speaker, the best-selling BRAVEN Outdoor Series, and more. Get all the news below.

BRAVEN Press USA Today

BRAVEN Lux featured on USA Today

“If you want to pump up the playlist this Valentine, Braven’s new Lux Bluetooth speaker series ($100) adds sleek style to any sound.”

GSM Arena

BRAVEN 805 featured on GSM Arena

“The Braven 805 is among the most characterful wireless speakers with a sub-$200 price tag. Its good looks, solid build, and well-sorted sound signature make it a great alternative to any of its competitors and a great daily companion.  Braven is asking $199.99 for the 805 in the company’s online store and on Amazon. For the time being, the speaker is priced a tad too close to the just as capable, metal-clad Braven 850, which goes for about $210 on Amazon. If you don’t mind the extra weight, I’d recommend that you opt for the more premium offering – Braven surely won’t mind.”


BRAVEN Lux featured on Macworld

“Braven’s latest portable Bluetooth speaker is the $25 Lux, a water-resistant device that offers 12 hours of playback and includes a wireless microphone for use, in tandem with your iPhone, as a speakerphone. It features a metallic finish, available in purple, gold, and white.”


BRAVEN BRV-PRO featured on Dealerscope

“BRV-PRO is described by the company as “BRAVEN’s first PRO-series rugged, modular Bluetooth speaker with an integrated ecosystem of outdoor accessories including solar charging panel, battery bank, glow deck and more.” The Braven Balance is “BRAVEN’s ideal active lifestyle Bluetooth speaker that features a colorful, water-proof, ultra thin design and powerful HD sound; perfect for fitness studios, on the court, in the locker room and more.”


BRAVEN BRV-Bank featured on Beatweek Magazine

“The BRV-Bank is clearly well thought out and designed… So while it’s only suitable for those who plan to take advantage of those features, it does a strong job of serving that market.”

BeatWeek BRV-Bank Review


Tacoma Tribune Logo

BRAVEN BRV-1 featured on Tacoma News Tribune

“A durable wireless speaker is a great asset for any outdoor excursion. Braven’s BRV-1 takes that duty seriously with a housing that’s built for the outdoors and IPX7 rated to be water resistant and shock absorbent. Able to sync wirelessly with compatible devices so you can stream your own music collection over Bluetooth.”

Tacoma News Tribune