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The rugged exterior and IPX 7 waterproof rating of the BRV-PRO Bluetooth Speaker, combined with its powerful bass projection, creates the perfect adventure companion. We recently put it through the courses on a trip through the narrow slots of Keyhole Canyon in Zion National Park.

The gravitation to canyoneering sparked several years ago after coming across a photo from Zion National Park on Pinterest. Since then, the idea of going places where humans aren’t naturally supposed to be has only become more enticing. The pure beauty of the view and scenery from these places is worth the grit and sweat required to get there.


What Are Slot Canyons?

A slot canyon begins as a hairline crack through a rock, that is then beaten upon by the high pressure of flowing water until it splits larger. After a long period of time, wind erosion, and flash floods, a narrow crevice is formed. Narrow, twisting and turning caverns reflect glimmers of light that dance between the water and the walls. Although the canyon passageways are tight, a little sliver of blue sky that remains hundreds of feet overhead helps keep you from getting claustrophobic. Most slot canyons can be accessed by short hikes through the red desert rock.

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The Scariest Part

The scariest part is the beginning of the rappel. The cold metal carabineer clipped through your ATC makes a gentle “cling” sound that reverberates throughout the canyon as it locks. A rope threaded through a small metal loop becomes your only lifeline.

Imagine playing “trust fall” with the dark, cold abyss below you. Leaning out over the edge, pushing against the slippery wet rock is one of the biggest mental hurdles one can overcome.  As the rope begins to catch your weight the number one rule in rappelling plays over and over again in your mind: “Keep your break hand back. Keep your break hand back.” With your break hand, (the hand that holds the rope back against your hip), you literally hold your life in your hand. That’s the craziest thing about being in places where humans aren’t meant to be — you are directly responsible for your own survival.

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A Work of Art

Once you finish the rappel and hit the ice cold canyon water, you have to float on your back to unclip yourself and pull the rope down with you. After you catch your breath from the shock of the freezing water, you being to swim through nature’s work of art, carved by water, wind and time.  

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The Power Of Music

Music calms you when you’re scared, keeps you energized after hours in the canyon, and adds magic to the most epic moments. (The BRV-PRO packs powerful sound, so just make sure that everyone in your group is OK with it and that you aren’t disturbing anyone else that may be close by.) The idea of plunging into slot canyons without music is a scary thought. The narrow canyon walls become the perfect amphitheater for the warm bass and crisp sound that come from the BRV-PRO.

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Music helps drive out fear and enhance concentration when canyoneering gets more difficult technically. When you love exploring the lesser known parts of our world, the BRV-PRO helps to keep you fearless. To push yourself to do things you never thought you could do and to go places you never thought you could go – that’s how you BRAVEN Your World.

Listen to our favorite canyoneering playlist below.