Behind The Scenes On Our Shoot with Team Braven Skateboarder Manny Santiago

BTS with Manny 1

We spent the day with professional skateboarder Manny Santiago in his trendy LA home. As the newest addition to Team Braven, this was the perfect chance for Manny to get the full Braven introduction, and for us to document the man behind the infamous toothless smile.

Manny’s place is a perfect reflection of everything he loves: music, art, boxing, and of course, skateboarding.

Manny's Collage

{This custom mural, painted by LA artist All In Boxing, features Manny’s “keys to victory” among other illustrations.}

The Braven Balance

{A few essential tools of the trade, featuring the BALANCE Bluetooth speaker.}

Skateboarding is hard on your body. The guys that have longevity in skating, are the ones that take care of themselves by eating right and consistent training. Manny is definitely one of those guys and boxing is his outlet when he’s off the board.

Team Braven X Manny Santiago

MS: “I started becoming obsessed with boxing a little over two years ago, I just realized how much it was like skating so I decided to get more into it. It’s becoming a part of my everyday routine just like skating. I was going twice a week, but now that I’m skating again, I’m focusing more on that.”

Manny Boxing

BTS with Manny 1

Manny’s backyard skatepark, AKA The Skate Anchor, is every skate rat’s dream. No dealing with traffic, getting kicked out of skate spots, or crowded parks. It’s a place where Manny can skate with friends and hone in on new tricks sans public pressure.

Manny Santiago 3

Manny Sticker Placement

{Manny applies a fresh Braven sticker on his board.}

Manny at The Skate Anchor

The Skate Anchor 2

{Manny looks on as his friend @Johnny5Skate skates the ledge. Music provided by the BRV-HD.}

Manny and friends

Team Braven

{Manny alongside the Braven team behind the shoot.}

Big thank you to Manny for letting us invade his space. We are honored to have him as part of the Braven family!

Watch the full video and interview below: