Dylan Witkin Skates With BRAVEN BRV-PRO Bluetooth Speaker

Dylan and the BRAVEN BRV-PRO


Dylan Witkin is as rugged as they come and he seems to prefer crusty terrain and sketchy skate spots over smooth concrete. Like Dylan, our speakers are designed to go places they shouldn’t, take a few hard falls, and get back up to play again. We recently had the pleasure of hanging out with Dylan and followed along as he cruised from the skatepark to the streets with the BRV-PRO Speaker.


Name: Dylan Harley Witkin

Age: 23

Hometown: Lake Forest, CA


If you could skate anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Pretty much just all over Europe cause the vibe is super sick. But I’d like to go as many places as I can. 

Dylan Witkin with the BRV-PRO 2


It seems like you’ll skate anything…full sized vert ramps, ditches, rails…What inspired you to not just focus on one thing like a lot of skaters do?

Mark Gonzalez is my favorite skater, he can skate everything period and make it all look the best way possible. No one can recreate that, but you can have fun trying.


If you could do one trick for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That question is shutting my brain down….


Fair enough, but we hope it’s a Noseblunt….

Dylan Witkin, Thrasher Magazine

Dylan Witkin, BS Noseblunt. {Photo: Thrasher}


Current album that’s getting you hyped to skate?

Terrapin Station by The Grateful Dead.


Favorite part about your BRV-PRO Speaker?

Getting to blast the dead wherever I want.


Dylan Witkin and the BRV-PRO


Any new projects you’re filming for?

I’m always filming for something but I’m not sure for what at the moment….


What makes skateboarding so awesome?

Doing whatever you want, however you want.



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