We put a fresh coat of dirt on the tires and shared the music with fellow Jeep fanatics 


EJS day two: We linked up with the Jeep staff from the Detroit headquarters and joined a massive caravan to climb some of the more challenging trails Moab offers.


{Queueing up Thursday morning for a full day of trail runs.}


At the halfway, everyone pulled aside to let their machines cool down, check fluids and grab some lunch. It was the perfect opportunity for us to pull out the Limited Edition BRV-XXL and blast some music for the camp.




{With 360 degree sound and earth shaking volume, the BRV-XXL is a Moab sized speaker.}

Back in downtown Moab, Jeep showed off some of their most drool-worthy concepts and gear. We didn’t end up purchasing anything for the Jeep Kits, but a little window shopping never hurt anybody.



{Shiny Jeep engines lined up. Keep clean oil in em’ and these things will run forever.}


{This Jeep concept had an integrated air compressor. Possible new addition to the Braven Jeep?}


{Run trails all day before you run the 1/4 mile in this beastly concept Wrangler.}

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