Sights and sounds from Moab, Utah

Braven Jeep in Moab

The 2017 Easter Jeep Safari is a wrap! We narrowly escaped with unforgettable memories, new friends, and poor wheel alignment.

BRV-XXL on the Braven Jeep

{The Limited Edition BRV-XXL provided Moab sized sound all week.}

EJS serves as more than an excuse to go play in the dirt with fellow Jeep fanatics, it’s the ultimate R & D lab for Jeep to test next year’s vehicles. Jeep showed up with a wide variety of concepts, drawing inspiration from hot rods, older jeep models, some futuristic flavors and a ultimate sightseeing Wrangler with clear doors. Jeep wasn’t the only brand making the trek to Moab for some research and development. We brought our most rugged speakers, tossing them between cars, blasting music and demonstrating how to make a speaker Jeep-proof. Yeah, we drove over our speakers. Then kept using them.

BRV-PRO in Moab

{Recharging with the BRV-PRO + Solar Panel.}

Finally back in the office, we’ve washed the dirt off the Jeeps, recharged our speakers and offloaded our footage. Thanks to everyone we met out in the desert this year who guided us through the most treacherous of obstacles and made the 2017 Easter Jeep SafariĀ a week to remember.