Team Braven Heads Back to Moab, Utah for the 51st Annual Easter Jeep Safari


Most of the year, the Braven Jeeps live a fairly domesticated life. Picking up office supplies, shuttling our team to trade shows and other non blog worthy tasks. Occasionally, however, get loose, get down and get dirty. Enter the Easter Jeep Safari.

Held in the red rocks of Moab, Utah, the annual Easter Jeep Safari gathers the off-road enthusiast community, attracting four wheeling gear heads from around the country. 

As soon as we got to town, we rounded up the team and headed to the trails for a test run. We loaded up our Yeti coolers with drinks and trail mix, and of course, brought a few Braven speakers to supply music in and out of the Jeeps.


{Gearing up for a day on the trail. Yeti coolers packed, and the BRV-HD ready to play all day.}


{Exploring the scenery before we start the climb.}

After a short drive to the trail head, we wasted no time putting ourselves in…unique situations.

Besides a small lift and some bigger wheels for clearance, our Jeeps don’t have many crazy upgrades.  You’d be surprised at what a nearly factory Jeep can accomplish. Let some air out of the tires, put it in 4WD, and with proper throttle control and the right approach, you can crawl up nearly anything; a true testament to the R&D that goes into these machines. Undeniable proof that Jeeps are destined for more than just grocery runs.


{Just put it in 4 low & go!}

Moab is not only an offroading Mecca, but it’s also home to some of the most beautiful, natural land formations in the world. After hours of crawling up rocks, we broke to take in the beautiful scenery accompanied by some tunes from the BRV-PRO.


{Charging up with the BRV-PRO + Solar Panel.}


After a solid first day of getting a feel for the terrain, we crawled back down to town to prep for day two! Check back soon for more EJS coverage, and be sure to follow along on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook for more behind the scenes coverage all week.