We Link up with Vestal Watch Co. to Provide Festival-proof Audio 

BRAVEN BRV-PRO at Vestal Village

Set on a scenic campground just a few miles from the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Vestal Village is an exclusive, invite only event, attracting festival goers seeking a unique experience. Bring your own RV or choose to glamp in style; either way you can’t go wrong. For those of you who don’t know what glamping is, let us break it down for you. You pull up to the campsite and find a majestic tent, perfectly built with well hammered stakes, outlets, already made beds that aren’t on the ground and sometimes even a fan (if you’re lucky). While you’re away, the turn down service comes through. How lit is that?! Pretty lit, we know. Moving on.

BRV-PRO + SOLAR, photo @Beau_Roulette

{The Braven BRV-PRO + Solar Panel soaking up the desert sun. Photo: Beau Roulette.} 

During the day, the village offers morning cocktails (who doesn’t love an appletini before noon?!), hiking, fishing, surprise lakeside performances and even horseback riding if you bring your own horse!  At night, hitch a ride, bike down the road or borrow a horse to the festival, or just stick around the campsite and catch the sunset.

This year, we joined the fun, and hooked up attendees with a few Braven products to keep the music going even after the performances stop (cuz’ there ain’t no party like a BRAVEN afterparty).

Braven 405. Photo: Beau Roulette

{Poolside with the waterproof Braven 405. Photo: Beau Roulette.}

The Braven 405 was a crowd favorite, with its all day playtime and slim, pocket-sized profile, the waterproof Braven 405 is the perfect Bluetooth speaker for keeping the good vibes going from 9am cocktails at the pool to midnight hangouts under the moon.

BRV-PRO + Solar Panel. Photo: Beau Roulette

{Charging up for the night with the BRV-PRO + Solar Panel.}

For something more suited for mid-day hikes in the mountainous terrain, the rugged,  BRV-PRO Bluetooth speaker delivered the perfect solution. Need a recharge? Just prop up the optional BRV-PRO Solar Panel and refuel for the night!

BRAVEN at Vestal Village. Photo: Beau Roulette

{Staying hydrated in the desert heat. Photo: Beau Roulette.}

BRV-PRO + Glow Deck. Photo: Beau Roulette

{Lighting up the night with the BRV-PRO + Glow Deck. Photo: Beau Roulette.}

Thanks to Vestal for letting us share our music, and to all the village campers who made this year in the desert epic!