Relay teams run from San Fransisco to Napa CA

Ragnar Napa | BRAVEN


Over the bay and on the bridge to Wine Country we go! This past weekend, courageous runners teamed up for the Napa Valley stop of Ragnar Relay. Beginning in San Fransisco, the first leg of the race took runners north over the Golden Gate Bridge, and into the scenic Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Golden Gate Bridge | BRAVEN

{ The sun sets over the Golden Gate Bridge during the pre-race party in SF }


At each stop, we blasted music from the BRV-XXL and gave runners and attendees the chance to buy the new Braven 405 waterproof speaker. We also curated a custom Spotify playlist, providing every team with enough music to power them through the two day run.

Braven Booth | Ragnar

Braven 405 at the Golden Gate Bridge

{ Rockin’ the bay. Featured: the Braven 405 in Electric }


At the half way point in Marin CA, teams lined up at the checkpoint, cheering their teammates on and getting ready to pass the baton on to the next runner. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Ragnar Runner 1

Ragnar Runner 2

{ Ragnar team prepares for the baton hand-off at exchange six } 


After nearly 200 miles of running non-stop, the finish line in Napa was a welcome sight for the weary “Ragnarians”. Set in the scenic backdrop of the hilly, green wine-country, vendors set up to supply food, water, and even massages. The crown jewel of the finish line, however, was the beer and wine garden, featuring local brews and refreshments.

Ragnar Finishline

Finish Line | Ragnar

{ In Ragnar tradition, runners gathered at the finish line to run the last small stretch as a team, unicorn horns and all }


For many, Ragnar is more about having fun with your friends than striving to beat the clock. One of our favorite teams called themselves “You Can Prance if You Want To”, sporting full tie-dye, unicorn horns, and running through the finish line with a bubble machine to complete their epic ensemble.

Ragnar Napa | BRAVEN

{ Victory pose at the Braven booth in Napa, running soundtrack provided by the Braven 405 }


Thanks to all the teams who came out to Ragnar Napa, and congratuations to all who survived the journey. We’ll see you at Ragnar Los Coyotes!