Team Braven Heads to Brick City for the Street League Skateboarding World Tour
                                                     {Photo: Street League Skateboarding} 


When you put over twenty of the world’s best skateboarders in one building, history is made. Without fail, this weekend’s Jersey stop of the SLS World Tour produced some of the best skateboarding we have seen yet, and Braven was there to help hype up the crowd and give back to the fans.

On Friday, we headed to Hoboken NJ, for the Team Braven signing with Manny and Tom at NJ Skateshop.


NJ Skateshop
{NJ Skateshop owners Chris Nieratko (left) & Steve Lenardo (right) with Manny & Tom. Photo: @mannysantiago}


NJ Skateshop is a hub of the Jersey skate scene. Since 2003, they have supported skateboarding in their communities, making it the perfect spot to host our signing.

At the shop, Tom and Manny signed posters, gave away Braven swag, and bumped their favorite tracks from the BRV-HD.  To top it all off, we gave away SLS tickets for Sunday’s event to a few lucky fans.


NJ Skateshop 2
NJ Skateshop 2

{Manny & Tom lock it up with the NJ Shop Owners and a few Hoboken locals}


On Sunday, we headed to the Prudential Center in Newark for the main event. With Manny making his return after completing double ankle surgeries and missing the last two SLS stops, he was stoked to even be skating-let alone competing. For a guy with two recovering ankles, he was ripping.

For Tom, Jersey was equally as significant. Going into Sunday’s comp, he was already ranked 4th, guaranteeing him a spot in the SLS World Championship this October. However, it was no reason to hold back. He needed to prove his skill and demonstrate his success was more than a streak of luck. Tom, an East Coast native, had both the excitement and pressure of his home crowd to rev him up.


BRV-1M Course Side
{Rocking the BRV-1M during practice} 
{Tom Asta, Kickflip Crooks. Photo: SLS}


Only the top eight skateboarders from each SLS competition season make it to the Super Crown Finals. Going into SLS Jersey, all but one of those spots was secured. The skaters had to be hungry for the win, taking big risks to put points on the board.



{SLS crowd going off. Photo: SLS}


This season’s SLS Pick, and Street League Rookie Chris Joslin brought the heat through prelims and finals, hucking himself down the biggest sections on the course, and into 2nd place. Tommy Fynn, another SLS Rookie, laid down his signature smooth style, with a consistent finals run that landed him 3rd place.

At the the end of the day, the most decorated skateboarder in SLS history, Nyjah Huston came through with the win. Jersey’s burly hand rails, including a massive gap to kink, were familiar territory for Huston and seemed to play in his favor.


{From left; Chris Joslin, Nyjah Huston, Tommy Fynn. Photo: SLS}


Thanks to all the skateboarders in Jersey who came out, and a big thanks to NJ Skateshop for hosting us! See you in October for the SLS Super Crown World Championship!


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