Braven Heads to LA for the 2016 Street League Skateboarding Super Crown

Galen Center


On Sunday October 2nd, eight of the world’s most talented skateboarders were invited to battle it out for the biggest cash prize in skateboarding and the title of SLS Super Crown Champion.


Supercrown line up


On Saturday’s practice, we got a sneak peek at some of the skating that was to come in the finals. With the stadium empty, the pros could hone their runs free of pressure from the screaming fans.

Tom Asta Pairing

{Tom Asta setting the vibe for practice with the BRV-X}

Asta BS Noseblunt

{Asta demonstrates a proper backside noseblunt for the media}

P Rod BS Crooks Heel

{P Rod sets up to flip out of a nollie backside crooks}


On Sunday, lines wrapped around USC’s Galen Center, with thousands of fans waiting in anticipation for the doors to open. We took this time to interact with the kids, and stoke them out with some posters and gear.

Asta fans

{Asta fans where out in full force}

Asta Fans



This guy traveled all the way from Pensilvania, reppin’ Reign Skateshop and his hometown hero Tom Asta. We hooked him up with a poster and an SLS iPhone case from our friends at Incipio.

Asta Fan 2

BRV-X Giveaway Winners


At 4pm, the doors of the Galen Center where opened, and thousands of anxious fans flooded the sold out venue. After getting a bird’s eye view from the top suites, we flexed our media passes and headed down to the sidelines to get close to the finals action.

SLS Course


Unlike courses from earlier this season, Super Crown didn’t feature massive stair sets or large hand rails, instead it was filled with several small to mid sized rails and ledges, favoring the more technically gifted skateboarders such as Shane O’neill and Paul Rodriguez.

PROD Sequence

{Paul Rodriguez, switch flip backside lipslide}

P Rod


Tom Asta laid down his signature smooth and technical runs, keeping him in second place for much of the finals. In the fourth round of attempts of Best Trick, Asta landed a nollie heelflip backside noseblunt (aka really difficult), scoring a 9.3.

Tom Asta

{Tom Asta, switch heel backside 5-0}


Nyjah Huston came in swinging, packing in more tricks that anyone in each run, and finding a few large gaps to blast off of on this otherwise small course. Despite a few falls, Huston hucked himself into 2nd place.


{Nyjah Huston with a massive backside flip from the bump to flat}


During the Best Trick section SLS rookie Chris Joslin came out swinging, and in usual fashion threw himself off the riskiest sections of the course. After a few bails, he successfully landed a massive blindside ollie to fakie, airing from one quarter pipe wall to the other. The crowd proceeded to go insane, and Joslin received a 9.5, the highest score of the night.


{Chris Joslin blindside ollie to fakie}


During the intermission, Manny Santiago hosted a contest for the fans, challenging them to ollie over a stack of Braven BRV-1M speakers to win one of their own.

Manny Santiago Braven Contest

Ollie over Braven BRV-1Ms

{One of Manny’s contestants proving SLS fans are the real deal!}


In the end Shane O’neill came through with several dizzying 9 + scores, landing him in first. Nyjah Huston took second, and 2nd year SLS Rookie Cody McEntire took 3rd.

SLS podium


Big thank you to SLS for having us as an official sponsor, and to all the awesome fans we met that made this year’s Super Crown one for the books!

Learn more about Manny Santiago, Tom Asta, and the rest of Team Braven here.