Braven Treks Through the Unforgiving Terrain of the Moab Desert for the 50th Annual Easter Jeep Safari

Braven EJS

For Jeep enthusiasts, nothing quite compares to Moab, Utah. Sandy trails, steep “slick rock” climbs, and breath-taking views combine to make this remote southwest town an off-road mecca. Every year thousands flock to these red rocks for the Easter Jeep Safari, an event that brings Jeep fans together to push their machines to the limits.

As enthusiasts ourselves, we decided EJS was the perfect opportunity to get some mud on the tires of our BRAVEN Wranglers, and see if they could handle the unforgiving terrain. We are, afterall, #BuiltForTheRide.

Our first order of business was stopping by the Jeep camp in downtown Moab. On display were a few of next year’s production models and future concepts, seen below.

Jeep Comanche Concept

{Above: This Comanche concept was one of the more eye-catching rigs Jeep showed.}

Crew Chief

{Above: The Crew Chief, a nod to military service vehicles of the past, with modern power and off road capabilities.}

After the Jeep show, it was time to let some air out of our tires and hit the trails. Jeep sent out a fleet of Wranglers straight from Michigan for their team to put to the test and we were stoked to link up with their caravan and get inside access to some of the more challenging and extensive trails the week offered.

We arrived to the trailhead around 8:00 AM, and after a short mile of smooth gravel and dirt, we were already climbing up and over steep rock.

Rock Climb 1

This fun little “stair climb” was just 30 minutes into the trail. Just throw it in 4 Low & go!

As we advanced deeper into the trail, the features became progressively larger. We began to think that our vehicles might not be equipped for the terrain, and we should do the smart thing and turn back…but again and again, the BRAVEN Wranglers proved us wrong and climbed up with ease.

As we rose higher and the difficulty progressed, Jeep had a few spotters on hand to make sure everyone took the proper approach. Your approach and speed at an obstacle could mean the difference between flipping the Jeep over or escaping without a scratch. Our goal was to do the latter….

Getting a Spot

The Braven Wrangler passes over a large crevice. Scrapes and oil spills on the rocks are signs that others didn’t fair so well.

Halfway through the trek, the entire caravan stopped for lunch. This was a perfect time to pull out the BRV-XXL for tunes and hand out a few BRV-BANK Battery Packs to keep everyone charged up on the road.

EJS Lunch Group


After a quick lunch, it was time to pack up and hit the trail again. We thought that the decline may be more forgiving, but that wasn’t the case…

EJS Downhill

Creeping down steep rocks is all about brake control and approach. Take the wrong angle, and you can end up high-sided on a boulder. Again we where impressed by our Jeeps capabilities.

After a grueling 11 hours on the trail, we finally reached smooth sand and road at sunset.

As challenging as the journey was, it couldn’t have turned out any better. Although we had doubts that our machines would come out the other end in one piece, the Braven Wranglers handled everything incredibly well, with no more than a few scrapes on our tow-hooks and rock rails. Safe to say that our crew members, and our Braven Jeeps are #BuiltForTheRide.