Ragnarians Pioneer New Trails and Sick Sounds in the Wilderness

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From November 11th to 12th, hundreds of adventurous runners flourished in the wilderness at the Ragnar Trail Relay on the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation in Southern California. Team Braven reveled in the glory by revitalizing runners with some bumping bass and killer volume.

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We arrived bright and early to set up our tent in the Los Coyotes Village, nestled in the heart of nature, surrounded by fragrant pine, juniper and oak trees against rugged, alpine mountain tops. As the relay race began, excitement continued to grow. Teamwork, passion, and camaraderie permeated the air, imbuing every individual with each breath in, exponentially multiplying the excitable atmosphere with each breath out.

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Before we knew it, we had people moving and grooving in front of our booth, keeping energy high, and learning about Braven. We even had a runner who brought both of his own BRV-X’s, TrueWirelessly paired of course, to run with on the trails (pictured above)!

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As mid-day came, we all took a moment of silence to honor Veteran’s Day, thanking the men and women across the country who tirelessly fight to protect our rights and freedoms we enjoy every single day. Dave, an active member of the Military’s Explosive Ordinance Disposal, from Team Overwatch, donned his 75-pound bomb suit and ran the trail to honor the military services and bring awareness to wounded veterans. Veterans, we thank you for all that you do!

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Runners continued to pour in and out of the village, perfecting exchanges and cheering on everyone who came through, regardless of team affiliation. We even had the chance to call upon the bravery of all attendees to see who could give us their best air guitar routine. Prize: none other than a brand new Electric 405 and some Braven swag. The competition was fierce, but the judges came to a decision after a heated debate, crowning Andrew, pictured above, the first ever Ragnar Los Coyotes Air Guitar Champion.

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As the race wore on, the runner’s spirit only flourished. The finish line was closer than ever after the witching hour legs of the race – so close they could taste it. And we mean that literally; asa runners approached the finish line, they were handed beer and champagne to pour on themselves and enjoy across the finish line. From mountain lion scares to tenacious air guitar competitions, midnight trail runs to TrueWireless pairing on the trail, Ragnar  Los Coyotes was a race for the books.


Thanks for the fun, Ragnar! We’ll see you soon!