The forecast this weekend is sunny, mid 70′s with a 100% chance of great music and even better surfing. BRAVEN AUDIO is partnering with Jack’s Surfboards for their inaugural stop on the World Surf League’s Qualifying Series Tour and we just can’t wait to soak up the spirit of competition with a healthy dose of fun BRAVEN activities on the side.

We’re talking really awesome swag at the BRAVEN booth at Jack’s Pro Surf for WSL. Yes, we know the term swag has been commandeered to mean lame keychains and stickers that peel off poorly, leaving that yucky residue. Know that you can rest easy because Team BRAVEN has it all on lock. That means made to order “BRAVEN AUDIO” hats with an onsite hat press. That means super soft T-shirts you might fall in love with and swear you’ll never wash. That means a really cool, custom Snapchat filter you’ll have to come by to use. That means bottle openers that fit in your wallet like a credit card. And we’re just getting started.

In addition to all the cool BRAVEN gifts, we’ll have corn hole, water pong, and YETI coolers filled to the brim with delicious, nutritious & hydrating PURPS drank. Lastly, we’ll be raffling off one of our epic BRV-XXLs (!!!!!!!!!), and it just may have some really awesome signatures on it!  So make sure you stop by, listen to great music and watch and even better competition. Just in case you’re new to the surf world, we’ve taken the opportunity to break it down so you’re in the know when we see you getting into your new favorite sport this weekend.

The Qualifying Series of the World Surf League is a slew out tournaments where the most promising up-and-coming surfers around the world compete for spots in the World Championship Tour (WCT). Think of the World Qualifying Series (WQS) as the surfing minor leagues.  In order to move from surfing WQS events to the WCT, you must be ranked the top 16 at the end of the year, but only your top eight finishes count toward your placement in the lineup. Only three of those finishes can be in your home territory, so you are required to travel to at least five more of the most beautiful locations in the world to keep on competing. Sounds awful, doesn’t it?

Each surfer is scored by a panel of five judges on a scale of one to ten. The highest and lowest scores are thrown out and the average of the remaining three scores is taken. Lastly, the judges add the surfer’s two highest scoring waves together, resulting in their final score. The competitors have 20-30 minutes per heat, depending on the rules of the event, and will be scored with the following criteria: commitment and degree of difficulty, maneuvers, combinations of major maneuvers, variety, speed, power and overall flow.

Now that we’re all surfing experts, we can’t wait to hang out this weekend! See you there!