Four of the world’s most promising surfers launch Team BRAVEN.



As makers of ultra-rugged waterproof speakers, sponsoring some of the world’s top water men and women is a seamless partnership. To us, however, this is more than just a sponsorship, podiums or a BRAVEN sticker on a couple surfboards. Surfing isn’t all sunshine and cruisy waves. Before hitting that supreme stride, these crusaders of the sea are paddling out through double-overhead walls of water, getting thrown into rocks and reefs, fighting against the strongest currents and mentally battling the constant threat of being attacked by the men in gray. These athletes push through the challenges and tumbles for the short lived rush of getting spit out of a barrel or railing a clean cut-back, and yes sometimes landing a podium. Like these athletes, BRAVEN builds products to go where they shouldn’t and outperform the competition.

This is what it means to be #BuiltForTheRide.

This is Team BRAVEN.

LAURA ENEVER | @LauraEnever

AGE: 24


Laura is frothing with style on and off the board. At just 24, she already has racked up several major titles including ISA and ASP World Jr. Champion and Triple Crown Rookie of the Year. Currently competing in the Championship Tour amongst the top 17 women surfers in the world, Laura has set the bar high and shows no sign of slowing down.

Whether she is dropping into plus-sized waves or charming us on the sidelines, we are honored to have Laura in the Team BRAVEN family.

Laura Enever


MITCH CREWS | @MitchCrews

AGE: 25


Mitch “Crewsy” Crews is not new to competition or persevering through challenges. Coming off a tough 2015, Mitch came back at 2016 swinging. As for pushing through challenges, Mitch was diagnosed with a type of crippling arthritis called Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) in 2009.  AS causes loss of movement in the spine and hips, making it challenging to walk, let alone pop-up on a surfboard. While this would take most people out of the competition, Mitch fights onward. Already stacking points in two Qualifying Series contests, and sitting high in the international rankings at 25 (out of hundreds of competitors), we don’t see Crewsy slowing down anytime soon and we are honored to have him on Team BRAVEN.

Mitch Crews


MIKEY WRIGHT | @MikeyWright1

AGE: 19


Mikey is what we would call a wild man. Stands at 6’2″, tatted up and sporting the worst (but best) haircut in surfing. On the board, Mikey shows insane power and natural style that could land him podiums, but instead, Mikey has been blazing his own trail, lighting up the internet with his free surf, air-blasting antics and consistently dropping mouth-watering full parts (i.e. REV HED & RAGE).

This year marks a new chapter for Mikey as he comes back on the contest scene, garnering points to land on some of the top events of 2016 and we couldn’t be more excited to come along for the ride.

Mikey Wright


ISABELLA NICHOLS | @Isabella_Nichols

AGE: 18

HOMETOWN: Coolum Beach, QLD

Bella is a contest killer, with a stacked resume. Winning July’s Los Cabos Open and April’s Vahine Pro Junior in Tahiti, she was recently crowned as the World Junior Champion. All this while successfully graduating High School with an OP 4 (i.e. a near 4.0 GPA for our stateside readers) and even doing some stunt double work on the side, appearing in the upcoming thriller, The Shallows.

Isabella Nichols