Bring Home the Bacon without the Big Price Tag (or Fear of Trampling)


November is great. Seriously, it means untamed Movember beards, family time, ultimate Thanksgiving clapbacks and one of the most adrenaline-inducing days of the year: Black Friday. Inhale, exhale. Crisis averted. This year there’s no need to stand in line after eating yourself silly or attempt dodging the midnight mobs to get the best deal on your favorite BRAVEN products. We’re thrilled to offer an equally exciting experience with 30% off site wide, with free shipping on all US orders. That’s one sweet cherry on top. Want the chocolate drizzle too? Then keep reading.


BRV-XXL Limited Edition//White Lightning:

Lighting really does strike twice. The BRV-XXL in Limited Edition White is back, and we can hardly believe it too. Once you hear the Black Friday thunder you better come running, because there’s a finite amount and they’ll be gone as quick as a Black Friday ends!


B.Y.O.B. Build Your Own Bridge:

Success isn’t just about how hard you work, it’s also about the tools. The BRAVEN Bridge gives every business woman and man premium audio and speakerphone solutions to close deals and kick ass from anywhere. We’ve even launched the Bridge Customization Program so you can personalize your conference speaker with different colored metals, various shades of leather and multiple tones of fabric for the grill.


Up and At ‘Em

Kick those Thanksgiving calories to the curb by picking up one of our Active Series speakers and getting your groove on. Blast any beat from the 105 while running your favorite trail or peacefully play something powerful from your new 405 to guide you through that last hot Vinyasa flow.


Raise the Roof:

One word: 2200m. Okay fine, technically it’s a number, but that’s not the point. The point is that you can give your New Year’s Eve Party the ultimate sound experience, filling every inch of space with bold, rich sound fit for royalty. Spoiler alert, it’s you. You are the royalty. Now stop blushing. Not to mention you can wirelessly control the 2200m with the Braven Smart App, locking buttons against rogue music changers and maintaining control over that perfectly curated holiday playlist we know you’ll be playing.