First PRO series outdoor speaker with an ecosystem of accessories including solar charging panel, battery bank, glow deck, and more

BRAVEN BRV-PRO Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Salt Lake City – June 15, 2015 BRAVEN announces the availability of the BRV-PRO, the world’s first modular ultra-rugged Bluetooth speaker designed for the most audacious outdoor enthusiasts.

A tank-like portable speaker, the BRV-PRO has the durability to withstand all of the most extreme adventures; the power to blast HD music in any environment; and the accessories to adapt to your surroundings and activities, including an extended battery pack, a solar charging panel, an LED glow deck, and a stack plate multiplier.

“The BRV-PRO is your audio companion no matter how extreme, loud or relaxed your adventure may be,” says Andy Fathollahi, Chief Executive.  “The ecosystem of accessories makes the BRV-PRO adaptable, the sound quality makes it audiophile worthy, and the ruggedness makes it tougher than anything out there.”

BRAVEN’s BRV-PRO delivers robust HD sound in an IPX7 waterproof design fortified with aircraft grade aluminum.  Capable of blasting music for up to 15 hours, the BRV-PRO integrates a built-in 2,200mAh rechargeable battery that doubles as a power bank to charge smartphones and other USB devices. The BRV-PRO can also be outfitted with a solar charging panel for virtually endless music and power.

The BRV-PRO ecosystem of rugged accessories includes:

  • BRV Battery Pack – Double your music and charging power with 3800mAh of added power to keep you rocking from sun up to sun down
  • BRV Solar Panel – Harness the energy and power of the sun to endlessly charge your devices and blast your favorite music
  • BRV Stacking Plate – Multiple the power and sound of your BRV-PRO by simply placing one above the other
  • BRV Glow Deck – Enhance the ambiance of your tent or campsite with an LED panel to illuminate the night
  • BRV Action Mount – GoPro® compatible action mount makes listening to music easy when surfing, riding, driving, and more

BRAVEN’s BRV-PRO is now available at for $149.99.  Select BRV-PRO accessories can be found at from $19.99 to $49.99.  For more information about the BRV-PRO or the entire line of BRAVEN Bluetooth speakers, visit or contact PR representative Pedro Chen at



BRAVEN combines unparalleled style with cutting-edge technology to produce premium Bluetooth speakers for the outdoor adventurer and modern audiophile.  Founded in 2011, BRAVEN’s focus on audio quality, ease of use and superior features has quickly transformed the brand into one of the fastest growing wireless audio brands in the industry. For more information about BRAVEN, please visit or connect with on Facebook at and Instagram @bravenproducts.

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