BRAVEN BRV-X Bluetooth Speaker

Braven Bluetooth Speakers reviewed on Billboard, CBS and more from the industry’s top tech critics. This week’s press roundup includes the glamorous BRAVEN 855s, BRAVEN BRV-X, and BRAVEN LUX. Get all the news below.


BRAVEN 855s and BRAVEN BRV-X featured in Billboard

“855s – If you’re buying this Braven model, sound obviously isn’t your primary concern, as its water-resistant, aircraft-grade aluminum body is built to withstand punishment. With 20 hours of playtime and a USB port for device charging, it’s perfect for your next adventure, and also features the ability to be daisy-chained to another Braven speaker to separate the left and right channels at up to 30 feet apart. If your outdoor parties get wet and wild, this is the best choice.”

“BRV-X – Rubber-coated, shockproof, and waterproof with tough straps that hook into aluminum bars? Yeah, this is what you’ll want to take on a rafting trip or mountain climb. On top of the USB charging, 12-hour battery life, and ability to take calls, the 1.5-pound unit has two audio modes depending on your setting: Bass-heavy for the indoors, and higher on the treble for when you’re the louder outdoors.”

CBS Tailgate Fan

BRAVEN LUX featured in CBS Tailgate Fan

“A portable Bluetooth speaker lets you bring the music along as you mingle, or reposition the sound as needed. The palm-sized Braven’s LUX Wireless HD Bluetooth Speaker has a lot going for it.  For one thing, it’s a good-looking party accessory with its très chic design (especially compared to those plain black speakers) in metallic purple, gold or white. The LUX is lighter than it looks, making it easy to carry around. And the shockproof construction also includes high-level waterproof protection (IPX5). Just keep the end cap on when you don’t need to access the side-mounted controls, and it will laugh off any beverage that lands on it (though sticky soda should be wiped off, stat)”


BRAVEN 805 featured in AppleWorld.Today

“The Braven 805 adds another speaker to the
company’s growing line, With the ability to pair with another speaker for true
stereo sound, two very capable 10-watt drivers, and Braven’s excellent build
quality, this is a Bluetooth speaker that should keep you happy for years to
come. (4 out of 5)”

Girl About Tech


“Called the LUX, they again come in three colours, and I’m a big fan (see what I did there?) of their Art Deco-esque design and clutch-bag look. They may not be as loud as the Beolit 15, but they do double as a battery pack for your smartphone or tablet, which is handy should either gadget die mid-listen.

I’m also told the LUX is ‘party proof’, being water resistant and therefore suitable for use in the kitchen or bathroom, as well as outside. You’ll get up to 12 hours of listening before you need to recharge your LUX, too.”