Braven BRV-BANK 50 Campfires Award

Every year, the adventure authorities at 50 Campfires publish a roundup of the best outdoor gear on the market. The 50 Campfires “Gear of the Year” is a compilation of outdoor necessities that have been selected from a sea of competition, thoroughly tested and expertly awarded as the best of the best.

We are proud to announce that the BRV-BANK has received a 2014 Gear of the Year Award in the Gadgets category. The BRAVEN BRV-BANK is an ultra-rugged, portable backup battery made for travel. With two USB ports, the BRV-BANK is powerful enough to simultaneously charge a tablet and a smartphone whenever your gadgets’ batteries run low. Its rubberized exterior is IPX5 splash proof and includes a seal to cover the charging ports when not in use. The BRV-BANK uses Bluetooth technology that connects with your smartphone and the compatible BRV-BANK Remote Battery Monitor App. Download Braven’s free application to remotely view how much juice is left in your battery, control the ports on and off functions and use additional features like, “Bear Mode”, “S.O.S.” and “Find Me”. With a 6000 mAh battery size, this ruggedized power bank is a small device that packs big power. The BRV-BANK is available in two colors and comes with a rugged charging cable, USB flashlight and durable lanyard.

Published in an online magazine form, the 50 Campfires Editor and Chief says this about the BRV-BANK:

“When out camping you want to make sure your gear can withstand the outside elements. A little spill of water or rain can ruin electronics very quickly. No need to fret, the Braven BRV-Bank is the world’s first water-resistant and shockproof rated power bank. In addition to the ruggedness, this power bank comes with a custom downloadable Braven App that will let you monitor battery levels and start and stop the charging of connected devices via Bluetooth technology. Braven really thought of everything with this amazing charging source so you can focus more of your attention on the great outdoors, and never miss an opportunity to capture that perfect selfie.”