BRAVEN Lux, BRAVEN 805 Speaker and others reviewed from top audiophiles and technology critics in this week’s press recap.

About Tech Logo

The Braven Lux featured on About Tech 

“They say looks aren’t everything. Then again, pleasing visuals certainly help. A lot… If you’re looking for a solid speaker with a ton of bells and whistles plus a more female-friendly look to boot, this is one device that’s worth looking into.”



The Braven 805 featured on PC Magazine

“The colorful Braven 805 Bluetooth speaker delivers a powerful, bright, rich audio experience for a good price.”


Android Headlines

The BRV-X featured on Android Headlines

“Braven always makes some amazing speakers, and the BRV-X is no exception. This is a portable wireless speaker that’s super durable, and it has a built in battery to charge up your devices. So you can charge up while listening to music. Sounds like a win/win to me/”




The Braven Balance featured on Status Magazine

“Though the Braven Balance speaker comes in endearing colors like Raven, Alpine, Raspberry, Electric, Sunset, and Periwinkle; it’s not for the faint-hearted. Water and shock proof, it’s designed to endure accidental spills and drops when your pool parties get out of hand or when you need to bring the party everywhere. Packed with a powerful battery, it also doubles as a power bank that can charge other devices.”


Terra Logo_Braven Press

The Braven 850 featured on Terra