BRV-PRO, BRV-1, BRV-X Speakers and more reviewed from top audiophiles and technology critics in this week’s press recap.
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BRAVEN BRV-PRO Receives A, Highly Recommended Rating from iLOUNGE

“We loved BRV-PRO at CES, and the speaker lives up to — and often exceeds — those lofty expectations. BRV-PRO is a great-looking, rugged speaker that can go anywhere. It delivers great sound and has a number of useful features to make the speaker even more appealing. The additional accessories certainly aren’t necessary to enjoy BRV-PRO, but they do give it extra versatility that competitors can’t really match at this point. Highly recommended.”
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BRAVEN BRV-BANK featured in, “Skip the Shirt and Tie for These 5 Great Travel Gifts for Father’s Day” | LA Times

“If Dad’s battery tends to get a little run down, consider the Braven BRV-Bank. This 6000 mAh charger has a shockproof rubber exterior case that makes it ideal for outdoors and two 5-volt ports with one 2.4A port for faster. It also has a small a small 100-lumen USB-bulb that plugs in to turn the battery into a flashlight. Using its Bluetooth function, you can monitor where you are in the charging process.”
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“What makes the Braven BRV-PRO modular Bluetooth speaker is the fact that this is the first of its kind in the world, being an ultra-rugged speaker that will target the most audacious outdoor enthusiasts without missing a beat.”
“This is one tough puppy, where it comes in a tank-like make up. Just how tough is this bad boy? Well, for starters, the Braven BRV-PRO will be able to withstand just about all of the most extreme adventures; and yet it carries the power to be able to blast high definition music in any environment; accompanied by the relevant accessories that will allow you to adapt it to your surroundings and activities. This is a true blue modular speaker, that is what it is!”
BRAVEN BRV-1 featured in, “The 10 Best Presents for Father’s Day”| Beta News
“You might not be a fan of their music, but dads still enjoy blasting out a tune from time to time. Braven’s waterproof speakers are built for outdoor use, so if your father likes to spend his time gardening, fishing or surfing huge waves, then these speakers can withstand rainfall and splashing.”
“They’re also wireless, so are a great present for the coming summer months.”
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BRAVEN BRV-PRO featured in, “This Week in Accessories” | App Advice

“First announced back at CES earlier this year, the BRV-PRO from Braven has hit the market just in time for the summer outdoor season. While the waterproof design is almost standard in rugged speakers, Braven has gone above and beyond with the lineup of optional modular accessories. Some of the extras that can be added include a larger battery pack, a solar panel, a glow deck, an action mount for a GoPro camera, and more.
The speaker retails for $149.99 and can be purchased now from Braven’s site. The accessories range in price for $19.99 to $49.99 and are also available now.”

BRAVEN BRV-PRO Launch | iPhoneness

 ”Meet the BRV-PRO: a tough Bluetooth speaker system that lets you enjoy your music in any environment. The device has a modular design, so you can rely on a battery pack, solar charging panel, and other modules to get more out of your experience. The device has a 2200 mAh battery that provides you with up to 15 hours of music. It can also charge your phone.”



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BRAVEN Speakers featured in, “TECH TUESDAY: Gifts for Dad” | WSAW
“These certified waterproof and shock shock absorbent speakers are designed to withstand extreme conditions with a built-in battery bank to recharge other devices. The speakers are lightweight, portable, and feature a built-in microphone.”