BRV-PRO Bluetooth Speaker

We’re thrilled to announce BRAVEN has been awarded the iLounge Best Overall Product Best of Show Award at CES 2015. The BRV-PRO Bluetooth Speaker is built like a tank, with HD sound made to rock any outdoor environment. It’s IPX7 waterproof rating protects fully resists water and its rugged metal housing is shockproof and dustproof. Customizable for each user, the BRV-PRO can be outfitted with an extended battery pack, solar charging panel, GoPro compatible mounting system and more. Its equipped with an internal battery bank for charging smartphones and action sports cameras and an internal microphone for making and taking hands-free calls. An addition to the ultra-rugged BRAVEN BRV lineup, the BRV-PRO will be available in the coming months.

Says technology publication

“Braven’s BRV-Pro ($150) was clearly a standout product from the moment we first saw it, and after careful consideration, it’s a worthy winner of our Best Overall Product award. An extremely attractive, rugged Bluetooth speaker at a great price, Braven went above and beyond with BRV-Pro’s add-on accessories. Users will be able to add a number of swappable accessories to the top of the speaker, including a solar charging panel, light, mount, or a Qi charging panel. You can even stack multiple BRV-Pro units on top of each other for a stronger sound. We can’t wait to try out this impressive speaker when it launches next month.”

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