CES 2015 is underway and we’ve got the feeling it’s going to be a great show. Debuting several new products at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the BRAVEN BRV-PRO Bluetooth Speaker caught the attention of The Verge, iLounge, Engadget and more. Get the scoop below. 


Braven Bluetooth Speakers featured in, “Braven Announces Six New Audio Products for #CES2015″ | Geek Beat TV

BRAVEN Press iLounge


Braven Bluetooth Speakers featured in, “CES Show Report” | iLounge


BRAVEN BRV-PRO featured in, “Braven BRV-Pro is the Swiss Army knife of Bluetooth speakers” | The Verge

“This may be the most versatile Bluetooth speaker ever announced. It’s Braven’s BRV-Pro, a tank-like speaker meant for rugged use that can also be customized with a battery pack, a solar charging panel, and a glow deck that converts it into a mini lantern. It also features a plate multiplier allowing you to stack multiple BRV-Pro speakers in order to amplify the music.”

 Gotta Be MOBILE

BRAVEN BRV-PRO featured in, “Rugged Modular Speaker Rocks Extra Battery, Solar Charger” | Gotta Be Mobile 

“BRAVEN, one of our favorite Bluetooth speaker brands, introduced the BRV-PRO at CES 2015. The BRV-PRO can be mounted to all-terrain vehicles and outfitted with accessories ranging from solar panels to GoPro mounts. At first glance the BRV-PRO might just look like another Bluetooth speaker, but if it’s anything like BRAVEN’s previous outdoor speaker, it’s something to get really excited about.”


BRAVEN BRV-PRO featured in, “Rugged speaker packs solar charging and more” | Engadget

“Think the load of Bluetooth speakers announced at CES is rather ho-hum? Well, Braven has something to say about that. The company’s new BRV-PRO Bluetooth speaker sports the rugged look we’ve come to expect from them, and claims 20 hours of battery life on a charge. Those are easily the two least interesting things on the spec sheet for the outdoor audio device. Up top, the BRV-PRO swaps out accessories as needed, including an extra 2,800mAh battery pack, LED glow deck (think of it as a lantern of sorts), stacking plate and a folding solar panel (pictured above) for all-natural recharging. Touting an IPX7 waterproof rating, the aircraft-aluminum-clad gadget will also juice up your phone or tablet when you’re out on the trail.”

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BRAVEN BRV-PRO featured in, “Braven Announce the BRV Pro, an Ultra-Rugged Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker” | Android Headlines

“We’ve reviewed a number of Braven products in the past, and they’ve become known for delivering quality sound in well-built speakers. Now, the company has something special to announce for those interested in rugged speakers that not only sound good, but can take a real beating. Braven’s own press release describes the BRV Pro as “tank-like” and we’re inclined to believe them.”


BRAVEN BRV-PRO featured in, “Rugged Solar Powered Speaker Unveiled For $149″ | Geeky Gadgets 

“Anyone who enjoys listening to music outdoors might be interested in a new rugged speaker created by Braven which can be fitted with a solar panel to help power and charge its internal battery and other accessories to provide extra functionality.”


BRAVEN Bluetooth Speakers featured in, “CES 2015 BRAVEN Hands-On” | Android Spin


BRAVEN Bluetooth Speakers featured in, “CES 2015: Braven rolls out new 805, Balance, and BRV-PRO Bluetooth Speakers” | Tuaw

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BRAVEN Bluetooth Speakers featured in, “CES 2015: Braven’s BRV-PRO is a modular Bluetooth speaker made for the outdoors” | App Advice



BRAVEN Press ChipChick

BRAVEN Bluetooth Products featured in, “Braven’s Balance Bluetooth Speaker and Charging Station is Waterproof and Durable” | Chip Chick 

“The Braven Balance is a sturdy portable speaker that is shaped like a clutch purse, is super thin, and fits in your hand nicely. With an IPX5 waterproof rating, it is a great personal speaker that can take a beating and still provide resounding bass and rich sound even when not on full blast. It also can charge your devices when you need it.”

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BRAVEN BALANCE Bluetooth Speaker featured in, “Braven Balances Slim Looks and Big Sound” | Sound & Vision

“It’s hard to get big bass sound from a small, portable player, but the Braven Balance, debuting at CES seems to make it work. The Balance, MSRP $150, uses bass optimization that pumps out a surprisingly full sound from such an ultra-thin speaker -it even maintains a decent amount of bass at softer listening levels.”