The days are getting longer, the sun’s rays are finally stronger, and we’ve got a few things to check off our mental list. Mainly it consists of a couple mandatory events in preparation for the ultimate outdoor living season; pool parties, music, grilling out, music, hot days, music, summer nights, music, but most importantly, music. Oh! And one last addition to the list- some light reading, because bragging rights. If you haven’t heard already, AskMen named our BRV-1M as the best outdoor living gear of the season. Yeah, you heard us.

Now picture this; a crystal clear blue sky without a cloud for miles. Warm, yellow rays of sun gently beating down on your skin, a tall, Mexican palm gently swaying in the breeze and a BRV-1M radiating the sweet, sweet sounds of Bob Marley’s Legends. What’s that? You accidentally fell asleep in paradise and kicked your speaker into the pool? Well, don’t worry about a thing. It’s totally waterproof and shockproof. If that didn’t make your Friday just a little bit harder, then we would say that’s weird.

Who else is ready for the weekend?