We all love family time. And what’s even better than family time? Adding travel and music. Check out these five different destinations for a unique holiday adventure you’ll remember throughout the new year.


1. Family in the Front, Business in the Back.

Travel to Zermatt, Switzerland this holiday for world renowned skiing at the Matterhorn. Stay productive on the road with the Braven Bridge, a mobile conference call command center featuring premium audio and charging output.


2. Pack up the Truck Cuz’ It’s Tailgating Time!

What says holiday escape more insanely loud than music at your favorite stadium before the last college football game of the season? We’ll tell you what: BRV-XXL. It’ll be coming back in limited-edition white just for the holidays. Keep your eye out to get it while supplies last.



3. Got to the Tropics. Sip Piña Coladas.

You step off the plane in Jamaica, but wait, something is missing. That’s right, you don’t hear those lovely steel drum tunes Bob Marley taught us to know and love. Suddenly you realize everything is right in the world, because you brought your brand new Sunset-colored Braven 405. Hot sand, cool water, and radiant sunshine.  Feeling hot, hot, hot!


4. Campin’ Around, the Christmas Tree

And by that we mean the huge redwood tree you’ve put some makeshift decorations on with your family this year. Yosemite is beautiful. Give the gift of holiday music this year with the Alpine color Braven 105, which easily attaches to your ski poles for joyous sound while you trudge through the snow to see the frozen Mirror Falls.


5. Dunes for Days.

Love your motorbikes? Load up the trailer and take the trails with the hot tunes of the BRV-1M. Mount it on front of your bike for killer volume and beautiful bass while you fly up those dunes and fly over those crests.

Set your alarm clocks, because the black Friday deals are coming! Are you ready? We are. Shopping starts Thursday November 24th at 12 pm, PST on Braven.com!