We’ve Got A Bad Case of the Cyber Mondays

Braven Cyber Monday Sale

Nothing like coming down from that holiday high on Monday morning at your desk, are we right? To make matters worse, you ate too much turkey and immediately feel asleep, completely missing all of the Black Friday sales. It feels like you have the world on your shoulders, and you’ve been skipping leg day at the gym, so this is especially difficult. Let BRAVEN relieve that muscular upper body of yours (oh my!) with our amazing Cyber Monday savings. That’s right, there are enough savings to go around. Take up to 40% off original prices for this one day sale. Oh, and did we mention we’re keeping the free US shipping too?

Can’t decide what you want to save on? We’ve got some suggestions to help you out:

PRO’s Before Bros:

Picture this: It’s noon, the sun is shining down from it’s zenith in the clear, blue sky. The warm rays gently caress your glistening skin while you take in the views of Horseshoe Bend from your large raft. Cold brew in hand and Colorado river ahead, you know some Bob Marley is in order. You take out your BRV-PRO, immediately sensing something isn’t right. It won’t power on. HOW CAN THIS BE?! Thankfully you purchased the PRO and all of its accessories at the BRAVEN Cyber Monday sale, so you just open the solar panel accessory on top of the speaker, bringing that beautiful reggae to the American Southwest. End Picture. Don’t worry, if you’re going somewhere the sun won’t be this winter, i.e. the Arctic Circle, BRAVEN still has your back. Take the external battery pack that almost doubles your speakers’ life or attach the glow deck for some extra light. We hear it gets pretty dark up there, about 24 hours dark. BRV-PRO + Accessories = Worth it.

Mixologists Unite: 

Just call yourself DJ Funky Phresh from now on, because that’s your life now. The BRAVEN Fuse lets you pair with multiple Bluetooth devices and speakers to mix, match and mashup your favorite tunes and tracks. Did we mention it’s compact enough to hold in your hand or fit in your pocket (just in case there’s an emergency DJ situation, which is always).

Don’t forget, our Cyber Monday sale is here today, gone tomorrow.