Braven Turns Heads in Vegas for Day One of CES 2017


Day one of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a wrap, and there was plenty on the trade-show floor for the media to write home about. The big story from day one? The FLYE SPORT™ earbud line. All four earbud models where on display, and media and customers alike couldn’t get enough of their innovative features and amazing sound.

Despite the brand’s impressive audio history thus far, there is one area it hasn’t ventured into: Headphones. That all changed today, as the company unveiled not one but four new models in its brand new Flye Sport wireless headphone line at CES 2017.  - Digital Trends

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FLYE SPORT™  - The FLYE SPORT™ was introduced as an entry level earbud, with audio quality and features that go far beyond its $49.99 price. Media outlets and fellow CES exhibitors alike where blown away by the range of sound that came of out these lightweight in-ear headphones.


FLYE SPORT™ REFLECT – With added features including a portable charging dock, multiple ear hooks, and a reflective cable for added visibility, the FLYE SPORT™ REFLECT caters to consumers with a variety of needs.


FLYE SPORT™ GLO & FLYE SPORT™ POWER - These literally turned heads, mostly thanks to the integrated laser lights in the ear hooks on both models. If the lasers caught the crowds attention however, their app enabled features and impressive playtime kept them around.  Digital Trends described the FLYE SPORT™ GLO as the “…true wireless version of the Flye Sport line, with absolutely no strings attached.”


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