If you’re heading out for an overnight backpacking trip, we’ve rounded up five packing hacks for packing a better backpack.

1. Pack heaviest items first.

Packing the heaviest items at the bottom will keep the weight on your hips and off your shoulders. Also, keep things that you’ll need only at night deeper in your pack, including what you will sleep in. Nothing feels better at the end of a long trek than to relax by the fire in cozy base layers and a fresh dry pair of wool socks. (And don’t forget an extra pair of underwear!)

Pack a backup battery bank to recharge your devices at night. The BRAVEN BRV-BANK is a 6,000 mAh ruggedized power bank, built with a water-resistant rubber exterior. It’s powerful and durable enough to power you wherever you go, making it a backpack essential.

2. Put rain gear and insulating layers at the top of your pack for bad weather. 

Always keep your rain gear in an easy to access spot. Soaking in the pouring rain while rummaging through your backpack is the complete opposite of a fun time. Keep layers handy as temperatures can rise and fall dramatically, especially in the mountains. Hiking uphill takes a lot of energy and your body will heat up and sweat, but as soon as you start hiking on flat ground or downhill, your body temperature will drop and you’ll want to layer up.

3. Put smaller items in the outer zipper pockets.

Keep chapstick, water, bug repellent, lighter, headlamp, and snacks in the outer zipper pockets or brain (a zipper pouch that covers the top of the pack). This keeps all the easy-to-lose essentials safe in the same place. If you’re hiking with friends, you can ask them to grab these small things for you without ever having to take your pack off.

4. Load the bulky items first, than use the smaller items to fill in the gaps.

A sack for your sleeping bag is great for compact storage, but when you’re out on long trips, leave it behind. A loose sleeping bag works well to stuff in the small gaps between larger, bulkier items.

5. Line the inside of your pack with a large trash bag.  

If you get caught in a bad storm or happen to slip and fall in a creek or lake, this will keep everything inside your pack dry.


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Happy trails!