Power through the weekend with a portable backup battery that’s as smart as it is rugged. The Braven BRV-BANK packs 6000mAh of battery power in a rugged body that’s water-resistant and connects via Bluetooth to your device. See why the critics love it and more in the Braven Press Recap.


Braven BRV-BANK featured in, “Review” | Phone Arena

“Not only does it sport a hefty 6000 mAh battery inside of its body, capable of charging a variety of devices, but it’s been outfitted with that degree of ruggedized protection to make it a versatile companion when you’re camping – or simply in the great outdoors.  In standard fashion, the BRV-BANK means serious business when we first feast our eyes on it, mainly because of its hefty size and rubberized chassis. Despite the massive size of the battery pack, it’s warranted in giving it a higher degree of protection, seeing that it’s IPX5 water resistant rating protects it from splashes of water – though, it’s not waterproof in the way it’ll survive submersions. Nevertheless, we’re assured that it can survive minor incursions with water, or slight falls to the ground.” 


Braven BRV-BANK featured in, “The BRAVEN BRV-BANK review: built for the outdoorsman” | Android Guys

“If all you want from a portable power bank is charging, you would be better off saving a few bucks and going with another brand. If you want a charger that offers some nice added features like the flashlight, remote charging and bear and S.O.S. mode, then the BRAVEN BRV-BANK might be just what you’re looking for. It can handle drops and spills, and has a large feature set for a backup charger, but it just seems like overkill when all most people want is a device that keeps their phone going a few extra hours on a trip.”


Braven 855s Bluetooth Speaker featured in, “Domesti-Tech” | Daily Record

“We used to carry a big iSound 1600 MaH battery with 5 USB ports, it would fully charge a big iPad or a bunch of phones multiple times.  However, then we tested some Braven bluetooth speakers and saw the light.  The Braven speakers have a USB port for charging accessories and they have a great big battery inside to drive it.  Besides being excellent speakers they have phenomenal battery life.  That’s really nice when power is not available day after day.  We just kept recharging iPhones and iPads, one after another, all the while listening to music.  That gave us entertainment (iPhone to Braven) and the latest news (internet radio/video to iPhone to Braven).” 


Braven BRV-BANK featured in, “Braven BRV-Bank: A Smart, Rugged Portable Power Bank for Travelers” | Vagabondish

“The new BRAVEN BRV-Bank is “the world’s first Bluetooth-enabled, USB controlled ultra-rugged power bank”. A mouthful for sure, but the gist is that it’s designed to take one helluva beating – ideal for the modern digital nomad’s life on the road.  We’re hesitant to call it a mere “backup battery” because it’s more than that. At nearly $130, it ain’t cheap. But it’s likely the last and only device of its kind you’ll ever need to buy.”