Braven Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

We’re dishing out the latest reviews on our lineup of Bluetooth Speakers. Ranging from the premium sounds of the BRAVEN 850 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, to the ultra-rugged BRV-1, we’ve got the best Bluetooth Speakers roundup right here.

BRAVEN 855s featured in, “BRAVEN 855s Bluetooth Speaker, Ruggedness And Power Together As One” | Android Spin

The 855s is every bit as amazing as the 850, and possibly even more so thanks to its water-resistant exterior which makes it good to go into environments that you thought you couldn’t with normal, more fragile Bluetooth speakers.

BRAVEN BRV-1 featured in, “TeQ Talk: The Braven BRV-1 Portable Speaker” | NBC KHQ 06

The BRV-1 is tight. It’s only 4.75in x 3.25in x 2.25in, but still packs plenty of sound, while weighing less than a pound.

BRAVEN 850 featured in, “Braven 850 Wireless Speaker Review” | Wicked Digital

The 850 is no doubt a product realised from customer feedback and desire for the same great looking product, just more sound and volume. In simple terms the 850 achieves that goal.

BRAVEN 855s featured in, “Braven’s Rugged 855s Bluetooth Speaker Is Tougher Than Old Boots, And Sound Way Better

This speaker is built with the outdoors in mind and in this situation it excels. If you’re camping, hanging out on the beach or kayaking down the river, then the 855s is perfect: It’s loud enough to hear outside, the battery seems to last forever between charges and it’s tougher than you are.

BRAVEN 650 featured in, “Braven 650 – My Favorite Bluetooth Speaker” | Geek Dad

I’ve been through about half a dozen portable speakers in the past year and I keep coming back to the Braven 650. For such a small speaker it really cranks out the sound and does a reasonable job with the bass.